Atlanta Pest Control is a family owned business with licenced pest control technicians. Our technicians are available to assist you 24/7. Our experienced technicians will be assessing your specific pest control problems from the moment they begin talking with you. Upon arrival at your home our technicians will meet with you and do a thorough inspection, we will locate the specific pest control problems in your home and begin our pest control service treatment to eliminate these pests which are harmful to your family.

Atlanta Pest Control Ltd. is an outstanding choice for pest control service because we have been in business serving our customers for over 25 years, our experienced and licenced pest control technicians will thoroughly assess your pest control problems before they proceed to eliminate the pest control problems in your home.  All of the pest control products that we use for extermination of insects and rodents are licenced and registered with the Ontario government.

Atlanta Pest Control specializes in the following Pest Control Services:

Rodent removal services:
•   Mice
•   Rats

Carpenter Ant control services:
•  Ants, Subterranean Ants
•  Pavement Ants
•  Pharaoh Ants
•  Fire Ants

Wasp and Bee control (extermination) services:
•  Wasps Nests
•  Bees Nests
•  Carpenter Bees

Pest Control Services:
•  Cockroaches
•  Bed Bugs, Fleas
•  Carpet Beetles
•  Carpet Moths
•  Food Infesting Beetles
•  Food Moths

Atlanta Pest Control Ltd. Specializes in Carpenter Ant control, extermination of Mice and Rats, elimination of Wasps and Bees Nests, and general crawling insects including Sowbugs, Centipedes, Earwigs and Spiders.